25 October 2013

 Watch for this one in an upcoming SSCA Bulletin.


It is an extension of my summer letter on a different kind of cruising and if you are part ov the over the hill crowd, a wannabe or a newbie, this is for you.

If you don't know about SSCA, google it, talk to fellow cruisers, and join. It is top notch for socializing, for information gathering, and to make you a wiser cruiser faster.


What's different about this summer's cruising? It is a hurry up so you can sit still kind of cruise, something we have never done before. We hurried up, all the way from the Bahamas to NYC, and now we are in phase one of the sitting still part. Phase two starts in about three weeks, when we hurry backt to the Chesapeake to sit still there n Annapolis and Solomon's Island for about six weeks, when we will get back in hurry up mode and point our bows south to Florida. Meanwhile, we are really enjoying this non cruising part of the summer, so here are the highlights.

The stand out stars, so far have been Pippin, with Patina Miller as the MC, and I don't know if I have ever seen such a stellar performance. Was it because we were about ten feet from the stage and we could see every sparkle inher eyes? Don't know, but it was phenomenal. Next was the movie Disobedience, part of a Jewish Film Fest at the Suffolk JCC. A long drive, but so very worth it. the story of Aristedes Sousa Mendes, a name I had never heard of , but probably more deserving of the Yad Vashem award as Righteous Among the World for the lives he saved as anyone. It is a French film produced for TV, stunningly told, and one I guarantee you will never forget. What a man he was! Net Flix is probably the only way you will get to see it, though it should be shown everywhere.

Other great things we have seen or been to, in no particular order:
Brookhaven Laboratory, always a favorite, with a visit to their old and new Synchrotron, where light is speeded up to reduce a beam of light to something so powerful and small that scientists can look into the inner working of proteins and polymers and even computer chips. Last Sunday it was Center for Functional Nanomaterials, with its multimillion dollar electron microscope that can look at things one hundred times smaller than an atom, and next week it will be the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, something very new at Brookhaven.

Old Westbury Gardens and the Phipps estate. I always love gardens, and tours of famous houses are always interesting.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, an afternoon spent in the city with Holly and Fritz, followed by dinner in a very nice Turkish restaurant close to the 92 street Y where we went to hear Martin Amis and Ian Mcewan read from their latest books and cleverly introduced by Salmon Rushdie. Of course they all talked about their great friend Christopher Hitchens, also a favorite author of mine. 

Another movie at Suffolk JCC, Hava Nagila, just for fun history of the song, and we found a Japanese restaurant nearby that had the most spectacular Sushi I've ever eaten. Place is called Izumi, just north of Commack. Worth the drive.

Yesterday we went to the Syd jacobson JCC for their Monday morning News Behind the News discussion. Moderator was brilliant, and the discussion was most informative. 

Today Dave was busy installing a new radar to replace the Broadband radar that was injured in our nearby lightning strike in Palm Beach. Since I did not want to spend money repairing something I have never liked, we got a new open array radar that will display on our chart plotter like the broadband did. You live on a boat, there is always something to fix.

All of this has been packed into the last ten days since the first ten we were "under the dome of heat" that made just walking to the swimming pool here in the marina almost too much. Thank goodness the heat broke when Holly and Fritz arrived so we could do what we did without melting.


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